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Don’t hide your symptoms out of fear that no one will understand…

If you or someone you care about has been silently suffering with hypothyroidism, chances are you’ve heard the same excuses:

  • “There is no cure for your condition, but you can manage your symptoms with lifelong synthetic thyroid hormone replacement therapy.”

  • According to lab numbers, you are completely within normal levels, and you have nothing to worry about.


Well, enough is enough. It’s time for health professionals to stop skirting around the real causes of your condition and start giving you the answers you need.

You’re filled with frustration.
You’re losing hope.

You wonder when you’ll feel like yourself again.

Do not settle for answers like, “There’s nothing we can do” or “You’re fine.” Do not sit silently on your symptoms, which might include:

  • Inability to lose weight despite your healthy diet and exercise

  • Depression

  • Fatigue

  • Anxiety

  • Constipation

  • Infertility

If you feel you’ve been misdiagnosed or given incomplete treatment options, you’re probably correct…

Health care practitioners’ incomplete or careless evaluations are the main culprit of inadequate diagnoses.

Traditional medicine subscribes to a one-size-fits-all approach to treating your condition.

To some health care professionals, you’re just another body in the waiting room, and the quicker they can get through their system by putting a pharmaceutical quick fix in place, the quicker they can move onto the next body.

Your visits to the clinic have probably left you wondering why you paid  hundreds of dollars for someone to tell you that your ailments are “all in your head.”

Well, we’ve seen this happen far too often, and we’re here to help. You’re more than a body in the waiting room and your symptoms are important to us. Get the care and attention you deserve. Nobody should tell you it’s all in your head – even if they went to medical school.

You know your body.

In fact, incomplete treatment is often the main reason why many suffer so long without any answers.

Here’s the scoop…

  • There are 20+ possible causes of thyroid dysfunction and persistent low thyroid symptoms.

  • Out of the many individuals suffering from hypothyroidism, 90% of patients are either diagnosed partially or incorrectly.

It’s about time you get what you need:

Real Answers.
Real Action.
Undeniable Results.

Don’t let the big dogs running the health care system take advantage of you and your wallet. This ends here.



You can reach us at 818-377-7444 today to see if you qualify for a FREE consultation.

We will listen.
We will work with you.
And you will get the answers you deserve.

We’ve partnered up with thousands of individuals just like you and have provided them with accurate and comprehensive diagnoses. With them, we’ve developed a personalized treatment plan that has helped them regain their sense of having a normal life.

You’ve finally found the answer.

  • Winning your battle with weight loss.

  • Experiencing increased mood stability.

  • Filled with more energy you ever could’ve dreamed of.

  • FINALLY living life with a genuine smile!

The results speak for themselves, and they are loud and clear.

”Dr. Farbenbloom is an amazing doctor. I’m finally free!! He is very knowledgeable in his field and also very caring. He treats his patients as if they were members of his family. Would highly recommend him!” – Alan M.