Success Stories

What do our clients have to say about their experience?

Chau C.

“After eight weeks of treatment, my A1C went down from 8.6 to 7.5. That is very good. I am working with Dr. Farbenbloom to bring my A1C to below 6. I am very happy that my health is getting better. Thanks Dr. Farbenbloom!”

Amelita H.

“Within almost three months, I have seen my blood sugar levels drop in half, from 310 to 160. I am so happy with what we have been doing. My goal is to stop taking insulin, and with his help and guidance, I can do it. It has inspired me to tell everyone.”

Steven K.

“If you follow Dr. Farbenbloom’s program, he will reverse your type 2 diabetes! He will educate you in proper health care and is willing to take all steps to assist you to reach your goals! You must go all in for this to work! I have, and the physical results are obvious.”

Natalie L.

“Know that I will be thinking of Dr. Farbenbloom regularly for the next 30+ years. He turned around my physical health and gave me the chance to live. My diabetes has almost entirely been reversed, and I am only a few months into the protocol, but I can tell you that my blood sugar numbers have dropped more than 100 points, and my awareness has been raised. If you are very smart or very lucky, you will come to be under Dr. F’s care. Thank you, Dr. Farbenbloom!”

Emily I.

“I came to Dr. Farbenbloom because I was sick and my sugars kept going up. I read his article, and I was really encouraged by him. In the last two months, I have found that he is very caring. I have tried diets, pills, and diabetic clinics and it still didn’t work – not until I came here. My blood sugar A1C was 8.5, and now (12 weeks later) it is 5.9. I am so grateful to Dr. F. He has helped me a lot.”

Rosemarie S.

“I came to Dr. Farbenbloom two months ago. When I first came into the office, my glucose was at 210. It has gone down to 160. My A1C was 10.9; it is now 7.6, and I am so excited because I have Dr. Farbenbloom’s support. The reason I came to him is because I do not want to end up in a wheelchair with my legs amputated. I have a co-worker who has had her toes amputated, and I have a friend going on dialysis. I am so excited that I am getting better, and I am going to live longer.”

Alain M.

“On April 5th, I had type 2 diabetes. It is now April 25, 20 days later, and my labs show my A1C is 5.3. I am no longer a diabetic! My eyes are bulging because I cannot believe it myself. I followed every word that the doctor asked me to do, and I am just blown away by these results. Not only did my A1C drop, but also my triglycerides shot down 90 points, and my cholesterol and sugar levels have also shot down. Numbers and figures don’t lie, and I am so impressed with Dr. Farbenbloom that I will be his patient for life.”

Kathrynn B.

“This program has helped to stabilize my diabetes. My liver, kidney, and adrenal are doing better. I came in because my weight was ballooning up, I felt like an over-stuffed sausage and my A1C was out of control. With this program, these issues are improving and A1C is decreasing. I would not have achieved these results without this program. “

Arnold D.

“3 weeks ago I came to see Dr. Farbenbloom. As a result it’s amazing what I been able to do in 3 weeks with his help. When I first came in, I couldn’t keep my blood sugar below 250 and now I am in range!!! He did in 3 weeks what other physicians could not do in years. The program is amazing. I am eating what I want and I am losing weight. I couldn’t be happier with him and myself. My wife said my disposition is even better. I am going to continue in reaching my personal goals with the assistance and guidance of Dr. Farbenbloom. “

Alan M.

“Dr Farbenbloom is an amazing doctor. He helped me with my diabetes. No more pills and injections. I’m finally free!! He is very knowledgeable of his field and also very caring. He treats his patients like if they were members of his family! Would highly recommend him!! If you are serious about your diabetes and are commited Dr. Farbenbloom will help you get rid of it.”

Asencion L.

“I came to Dr. F because of my health. My glucose level was at 214. After 2 months, my glucose level is at 140. Also, my triglycerides were 123 and I am down now to 98. My hemoglobin A1C was 9.1 and now it is 7.5. Most important of all, I came to see the Doctor because of my health and because I want to be able to see and walk my daughter down the aisle. You can be skeptical, but 2 months into the program and I am very, very, very happy. “

Shelly M.

“Dr. Farbenbloom reversed my type 2 diabetes and saved my life in light speed, and I mean light speed. I went in with a positive attitude determined that he was going to change my life, and he did. He is a wonderful humanitarian and very humble physician. Those are the best kind! Thank you Dr. Farbenbloom!”

Thyroid Patients






“I have been on the program for 6 weeks. I am very pleased with the results because I am off my blood pressure medicine, Metformin, and my acid- reflux is gone. I have also lost 14 pounds since beginning the program. Over the past 15 years I have tried several diets and exercise programs with no results!”


“I walked into Integrated Health Center without knowing what to expect. I figured it would be the same old ‘eat healthy, here is another pill, feel better’ routine. To my surprise, it was nothing like that. Dr. Caitlin has been nothing short of amazing. For years I had no answers and my condition had not improved. I was actually getting increased doses of my synthroid every few years. Under IHCR treatment I have gone from zero energy to being able to wake up and have a life again. From the comfortable environment to the friendliness of the staff, (Libby & Amanda) you just know you’re in good hands. I feel so much better about my health and my future thanks to them! You guys are awesome.”


“When was the last time you had your thyroid checked? I gained twenty pounds in a very short time. My energy only lasted until noon. I just didn’t feel well. My sugar level was high and diabetes was just around the corner. I have been on Synthroid for the last nine years. Was it no longer working? What was going on? Integrated Health Center was my answer. Now I feel great and can work as hard as my grown children. I’m seventy-seven years old and have high hopes of another twenty years.”