Has your diabetes diagnosis got you pining for a restored sense of normalcy?

How would you like to discover what is really causing your type 2 diabetes symptoms?

Discover an innovative and clinically validated, breakthrough approach that has helped thousands of patients suffering from type II diabetes remove the barriers to ultimate wellness – start living the happy, healthy life you desire today!

Imagine how your life would transform if you no longer:

  • Were plagued with constant worry about the instability of blood glucose levels.

  • Had to purchase expensive drugs and insulin as your sole form of treatment to control sugar spikes and potentially dangerous crashes.

  • Had to muster all of your inner strength and limited energy to partake in activities with your loved ones.

  • Had to reside in a constant state of fear over developing serious complications as a result of your diabetes.


Wouldn’t you like to know what caused your diabetes once and for all so that you could work with a trusted health care professional to restore your health?

Good news – you can!

Avoid generalized, one-size-fits-all courses of treatment – you are unique and your health journey is unlike any other – your treatment regimen should be crafted to fulfill your body’s specific needs.

Has your doctor told you…

“Diabetes is genetic – you can’t do anything about your diagnosis.”

“Improve your diet, exercise regularly, lose excess weight, take your meds and inject insulin to decelerate the progression of the condition.”

“Your diagnosis is lifelong and incurable.”

It’s time to try an innovative alternative therapy to mainstream prescribed treatments. With our clinical model for type 2 diabetes patients, you may be able to completely eliminate your diabetes medications and change your diagnosis. You have the potential to start living the happy, healthy life you’ve always dreamed of.

Your type 2 diabetes diagnosis does NOT have to label you for a lifetime.

Mainstream medicine’s approach to treating type 2 diabetes is often less than optimal and accompanied by debilitating side effects and risks to your overall health.

Prescription drugs and insulin injections deteriorate as time progresses, acting as a temporary fix, a symptom cover-up, and never truly addresses the root cause of your illness’s origin.

Your health care journey is likely being misguided.

Prescription drug and insulin therapy often worsen your disease, causing an already established internal battle to wage a war of reinforced insulin resistance.

In type 2 diabetics, it’s not always the commonly targeted insulin deficiency that is responsible for a patient’s lack of ability in processing sugars appropriately. In fact, it is more often the body’s inability to effectively utilize the insulin it manufactures effectively.

A Long-Term Nightmare

Adding additional insulin to your treatment regimen as “therapy” tends to have the opposite effect, feeding the antagonistic underlying causes of the disease.

Excessively high levels of insulin, as is the case when using insulin as a form of treatment for your diabetes, can be extremely detrimental to your overall health.


So, WHY overload your body with excessive insulin that it doesn’t truly need?

Excessively high levels of insulin can:

  • shorten your life expectancy.

  • cause you to gain weight.

  • exacerbate insulin resistance.

  • cause hypertension.

  • lead to heart disease.

  • increase your risk of developing cancer.

These treatments aren’t only costly, they carry the potential for debilitating side effects – they may even cause death.

Don’t lose HOPE.

There is a better, safer approach to discovering what is really causing your type 2 diabetes.

Diabetics are making a shift and getting proactive in their health journey. They’re taking control over their health – and they’re experiencing incredible results.

Our innovative approach to treating our diabetic patients is different.

Let go of the negative beliefs you’ve held regarding your weight, genetic factors, family history, level of fitness, and diet.

You will:

  • Reduce and possibly eliminate your current dependency on prescriptions and insulin – and you’ll save thousands on testing supplies.

  • Feel a renewed sense of control over your health care and uncover new confidence in your body’s function.

  • Experience a marked increase in energy levels, naturally.

  • Dramatically decrease your risk for developing diabetic complications such as neuropathy, cardiovascular disease, and early death.

  • Lose weight without the need for excessive exercise!

  • Enjoy your life without the perpetual burden of your diabetes weighing heavy on your shoulders.

You’ll receive comprehensive testing – our lab tests are further-reaching than those conducted by mainstream health care providers.

We’ll use your unique results to customize a health regimen tailored to YOUR NEEDS according to your specific underlying causative factors. We will look beyond the label of your diagnosis.

You’re an individual, and you deserve to be treated as such.

Your health and well-being is important to us.



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The Results Speak for Themselves

“I have been diabetic for ten years, and my regular doctor has prescribed medication after medication. When I started this program, the doctor was really attentive in fixing my condition. I have lost 55 lbs. My A1C started at 9.1, and after eight months, it is now at 5.7. My fasting glucose was at 133, and now it’s at 85. My regular MD has cut my blood pressure medication in half and plans to reduce my other prescriptions in the near future.” – M.L.